Yolanda Warner
Played by Aloma Wright

Full Name

Yolanda Warner






Tyrell Warner (Son)

Unnamed Husband (Possibly Deceased)

Naomi Jones (Grandaughter)

Eve Warner (Daughter-in-Law)

Significant Others

Monica King (Former Daughter-in-Law)

First Appearance

Here Comes the Rain Again

Last Appearance

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (Flashback)



Yolanda Warner is a character that appeared in Cherry Hill. She is the mother of Tyrell and grandmother to Naomi Jones. She is a loud character, with an attitude and a tendancy to try and scheme. She was played by Aloma Wright.

Season Two

It was known that Monica and her husband had split up and that Naomi had no contact with him, however it was never mentioned that he had any other known relatives. During her time at college Naomi got into contact with Yolanda-who currently resides in Hawthorne, California- to make an effort to find her father, in the episode Jump, Push, Fall, Naomi phoned her mother and told her that her father may be at the wedding, this however was only through what she was told by Yolanda, it later appeared he couldn't attend. Yolanda then sent an e-mail to him and got a response with an address, Yolanda delivered this at the wedding in Here Comes the Rain Again, during which she fell out with her former daughter-in-law, Monica. She made Naomi promise not to tell her mother. It is unknown whether she'll appear again.