Will Beckett

Full Name

William Beckett




Student at Cherry Hill High School



Significant Others

D.J. Keegan (Girlfriend)

Bobbi Cunning (Fling)

John Meyer (Rival)

First Appearance

Six Months Later...

Last Appearance

Jump, Push, Fall





William Beckett, also called Will, was a recurring character introduced in the Season 2 premiere Six Months Later.... Will is the new (and older) boyfriend of D.J. Keegan. He seems to have hit her, leaving a bruise on her face and a scratch on her neck. He later died in a climbing incident. He is played by Austin Gomez

Season Two

He later threatens DJ and tells her that if she does not break off her friendship with John Meyer he will hurt her and when DJ tells him that John saw the scratch and bruise, he says that he'll "take care of" John later. DJ seems to be afraid of him and not in love with him, and seems too afraid to break up with him because of his abusiveness. With persuasion, John influenced D.J. to break it off ending in confrontation between the two guys, however the tension was soothed by the interruption of Bobbi Cunning, who kissed Will as a distraction to stop anyone getting hurt. D.J. later reunited with John, leaving Will to go off with Bobbi to LA for a romantic weekend, however whilst rock climbing in Jump, Push, Fall. Will fell after procclaiming his love to Bobbi and saying how he had changed. Bobbi later found his body, unsure whether he was still alive, instead of phoning for help she phoned to tell her mom she was returning home, leaving Will for dead.   He is later confirmed dead in The Point of No Return, when his mother phones D.J. to invite her to the funeral.