Tyler Rhodes
Played by Mike Vogel

Full Name

Tyler Black


Police Officer




Will Rhodes (Cousin)

Significant Others

Lauren Meyer (Liason officer, Former Lover)

First Appearance

Jump, Push, Fall

Last Appearance



S2 * S3 * S4 * CH:GM

Officer Tyler Rhodes is a character that appears in Season 2 of Cherry Hill. At current, Tyler is caught between his personal and professional difficulties as he seems to be increasingly attracted to a victim on a case,Lauren Meyer. He is played by Mike Vogel.

Season Two

Tyler is introduced in Jump, Push, Fall after Lauren discovers that her modelling agent, Dan Silver , is infact a con man who has been photographing her for his own pleasure. He is later assigned as her Family Liason Officer, liasing with Lauren when she is vulnerable. However, following is assistance in deleting the seedy photos from the internet after an alert raised by Rob Knight, it seems Tyler is falling for Lauren, which could potentially risk his career.