Telepathy is the ability to mentally control any function the brain controls, hearing other people's thoughts, scanning the memory of other people and sending thoughts directly to other people's minds.

Characters Edit

  • Claire Meyer can read the minds of others, as shown on numerous encounters with Dana Harper and Miranda King. It is unknown as of now if she can also perform the other functions of telepathy including controlling brain functions, scan people's memory or send thoughts directly to other people's minds.

Limits Edit

Claire used this ability to read the comatose Dana's mind before she left for New York. All Claire heard was Dana pleading to know what happened to Zach after the crash of flight 316. (Angels and Monsters)

Claire's ability is put to the test in Season 3 when Miranda goes missing and Claire uses her ability to read her mind from a far-off distance and find her location. (Sins of Our Fathers)