Tabitha Cambridge

Full Name

Tabitha Cambridge




Student at Cherry Hill High School


Christine Cambridge (Mother)

Unknown Father

Wayne Cambridge (Brother)

Significant Others

Jessica Rudolph (Friend)

First Appearance

Cold Wars

Last Appearance

If Only



Tabitha Cambridge also affectionately known as Tabby, is a reccurring character in Cherry Hill. She is initially introduced as a friend of Jessica Rudolph, alongside her older brother Wayne. She was played by Nicole Anderson.

Season Three

Tabitha is first seen with her brother, Wayne, in the episode Cold Wars. She is discussing plans with John and Jessica, following John's break-up from D.J. It appears that because of this situation John has been forced to find new friends following his own guilt from Lydia Harper's death. Later on in the episode, Superheroes, both the Camridge's show up to confess to John that Jessica is not all she seems, they tell her that Jessica stalked Wayne after he broke up from her, during this time it appears that Tabitha is not as friendly with Jessica as she makes out to be.