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Starla Montgomery






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Fernando Montgomery (Grandson)

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Starla Montgomery is the paternal grandmother of Fernando, she is featured in the first season of Cherry Hill. Fernando reveals to his girlfriend, Claire ,that his mother had post natal depression following birthing him, following this his father could not cope rasing him and left Fernando to be raised by Starla and her husband. It is unknown whether her husband is alive or not. She is played by Nichelle Nicholls.

History Edit

Season One

Starla is first seenin Freefall with Fernando following his arrest by Detective Parker , she is confused about how Fernando could do such a thing, fooled by his innocent persona like many other of the Cherry Hill residents. Fernando seems to respect his grandmother however , despite his lies and bids farewell to her. At the time, Starla is unaware that Fernando is on the run from the police after he was able to break out of prison. She is later seen as Fernando is taken to a psychiatric ward.

Post Season One

Since Fernando returned, there has been no mention of his grandmother, despite the fact he has returned to the things he's familiar with. Due to this, it's assumed that Starla has died.