Detective Robert Parker
Played by John Glover

Full Name

Robert Parker

First Appearance


Last Appearance






Significant Others

Claire Meyer (Head of investigating her abduction)

Zach Meyer (Investigated his harrassment of sister Lauren)

Officer Kendall Banks (loyal cop and friend)




Police Detective



Date of Death


Chief Detetctive Robert Parker, played by John Glover, was a character from Cherry Hill. He first appeared in the episode Taken, in which he investiagtes the abduction of Claire Meyer. However as the case evolves, he soon has to deal with Zach Meyer's harassment of his sister, Lauren, he is seen commonly working alongisde Officer Kendall-who is very respectful of her boss.

He is first seen interviewing both Jennifer and Lauren about Claire's whereabouts before her disappearance, they later go on to question her boyfriend, Fernando Montgomery, who is clearly anxious of the situation. He seems professional at all times and organized in putting together a search party. When hair is found in the woods, Parker is concerned and tries to call off the search party when a storm brews, though he allows them to keep searching until rainfall at the upmost. He in charge of getting people out when the storm hits, though Zach Meyer chooses the oppertunity to run off. He also the Meyers that the phone found at the scene may help in her recue, he later finds disturbing texts from an anonymous sender. As well as this, he informs the family that the blonde hair found in the forest was not Claire's, in Jigsaw, its tested and found to be Stella McGreggor's. He is the first to note Claire might have been kidnapped and might not have run away.

When he appears in The Truth about Lying, Parker is inolved in the harassment of Lauren Meyer, fearing Zach may be behind both sisters turmoil. He later finds out Zach was adopted, while he finds a motive to prove him guilty of stalking Lauren, he fails to spot one for abducting Claire, which rules Zach out the case.

Parker's final appearance is in the Season 1 finale, Freefall, where he assists Officer Kendall in the interrogation of Fernando Montgomery. Parker is given the call that Zach Meyer has been spotted and heads off to catch him. The mysterious plane crash happens as Parker is on the road. His car is hit by the wing and his car explodes with him in it, tragically killing him.