Rob Knight
Portrayed by Eddie Cibrian

Full Name

Robert Knight




Sports Teacher at Cherry Hill High School



First Appearance

The Kindness of Strangers


S1 * S2

Robert Knight also known as Rob , portrayed by Eddie Cibrian, is the Sports Education teacher at Cherry Hill High School, who first appears in The Kindness of Strangers. He instructs John's class that they will be playing baseball, in which Austin nominates himself as the best pitcher. After lack of nominations for capatains, Knight chooses Austin and John for the role, despite John's lack of confidence in the role, though it is John's team that triumph in the end.

Rob reappears in the episode The Art of Deception, Part 1, where he acts awkwardly around Lauren, who is looking for her father. Later, Rob reveals to Lauren that he has seen some of her nude shots online that she was tricked into whilst 'modeling' for Dan Silver. Lauren tries to make a deal with Rob so he doesn't tell anyone, embarassed at the fact he's been caught looking at explicit images, Rob is quick to accept the offer.


His full name is given by Peter Meyer, who corrects Lauren who assumes her father teaches sports, Peter establishes that he is the Football Coach and that Knight is the Sports Teacher. Lauren looks unimpressed and unbothered by this.