Peter Meyer

Full Name

Peter Meyer




Sports Coach


Jennifer Meyer (Ex Wife)

Lauren Meyer (Daughter)

Zach Meyer (Adoptive Son)

Claire Meyer (Daughter)

John Meyer (Son)

D.J. Meyer (Daughter-in-Law)

Dylan Meyer (Grandson)

Simone Meyer (Granddaughter)

Cody Wallace (Nephew)

Shelby Wallace (Niece)

Significant Others

Gina Hawkins (Fiancee)

Anthony Harper (Coached)

Linda Wallace (Former Sister-In-Law)

Ted Wallace (Former Brother-In-Law)

First Appearance


Last Appearance

Sins of Our Fathers



Peter Meyer is the husband of Jennifer, biological father of Lauren , Claire and John Meyer. He is also the adoptive father of the late Zach Meyer. Peter is the football coach at Cherry Hill High School and is a mentor of quarterback Anthony Harper. It seems that Peter's job is in jeopardy come Season 2. He has fallen into a deep depression because he blames himself for Zach's death, thinking if he had given him more attention and raised him better he would have never turned out the way he was and, in turn, would have never been at the Harper house during the time of the Flight 316 crash. Peter has an often harsh and blunt personality, but can be nice and easy sometimes. He is very protective over his children. He is played by John C. McGinley.

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