Nicholas Elyis
Portrayed by: Charlie Carver

Full Name

Nicholas Elyis




Etta Elyis (Mother)

Joseph Elyis (Father)

Austin Elyis (Twin Brother)

Bobbi Cunning (Cousin)

Unnamed Aunt

Significant Others

John Meyer (Best friend)

Madejanna Keegan (Friend, Date to dance)

Bella Mendez (Friend)

Erica Banes (Friend)

Brandy Halliburton (Friend)

Nigel Barrett (Former Drug dealer, Enemy))

First Appearance


Last Appearance




Nicholas Elyis played by Charlie Carver, is character from Cherry Hill. He is the twin brother of Austin Elyis and the son of Etta Elyis and Joseph Elyis. Nicholas seemed to be the good big brother to Austin, when Mr. Elyis used physical and verbal abuse against Austin, Nicholas was there to stand up for him when no one else would. Mr. Elyis's sudden death seemed to have little impact on the twins, who hated their father. Nicholas tries to befriend John Meyer and get him to do things other than mope about, but John seems a bit reluctant at first. He later become best friends with the twins. Nicholas soon gets into trouble with Nigel Barrett, who D.J. Keegan recognizes as a formidable drug dealer. Nicholas, with some help from his twin, stops using and abandoned Nigel and his gang. Nicholas and Austin asked Madejanna to be their date at the school dance. Little do the twins know, Madejanna and John had a bit of an awkward encounter and kissed, and the two decide to keep it a secret from the twins and Bella's best friend and John's date Bella Mendez. In Homecoming, Nicholas spots Nigel at the party and the two become embrawled in an argument, which both end up getting thrown out of. We see Nicholas briefly in the Season 2 premiere, ill in bed as his mother makes a surprise return.

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