Miranda King

Played By:

Emily Browning

Full Name:

Miranda King




Jeremy King (father)

Elena Santos (Mother)

Marie Santos (Grandmother, Deceased)

Alejandro Santos (Grandfather, Deceased)

Francisco Santos (Uncle, Deceased)

Monica King (Step Mother)

Naomi Jones (Best Friend and Step Sister)

Ryan Merrill (Half Brother)

Matthew King (Half Brother)

Significant Others:

Greg (Boyfriend, deceased)

Anthony Harper (Love interest)

Dana De Souza (Best Friend)

Claire Meyer (Best Friend, Deceased)

Verity (Apparition)

Nathan Rossi (Accused of mugging her)

First Appearance



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Miranda King, played by Emily Browning, is the daughter of Jeremy King, and is best friends with Claire Meyer, Naomi Jones and Dana Harper. She experienced a terrible car accident that killed her boyfriend Greg. She feels guilty and thinks she is responsible for his death because she was behind the wheel at the time of the crash. Her friends and family try to help her overcome her grief, but most of the time their attempts to help her do not work. At first, Miranda warns Monica Jones from seeing her father, though the two visit eachother in secret, upsetting her. Following spouts with Claire and Naomi, Miranda tries to win back karma following Claire's abduction by joining the search party. Following Anthony's paralysis inTouchdown, Miranda reconsiders his gestures towards her in Regrets and What the Neighbors Say. She visits him in hospital upon his request and is later seen trying to part herself from Greg. In Freefall, whilst trying to do this she is shocked to find herself talking to a woman named Verity, who happens to be the same woman stood in the road that crashed the car. Miranda seems visbly shaken by this.

Six Months Later... , we discover that strangely Verity and Miranda have bonded. It is made clear that Miranda knows what Verity was doing in the road, but is sworn to secrecy. When Miranda suggests introducing Verity to her friends, Verity uses emotional blackmail to stop her. Miranda ignores this and goes upstairs to change, when she comes back down we find Verity is gone. She is unaware that she is being searched for by journalist Elena Santos, a woman who has moved to the neighborhood. Miranda's name and address was found in Elena's purse.

Reception Edit

Miranda initially received mixed reception due to her whiny nature, but her development made her grow among critics, especially the storyline involving the return of her mother Elena and the whole Verity/Eve subplot.  She received a nomination in the Rightees! Awards for 2009 as Best Female Lead Character and landed fourth place on the top 10 Cherry Hill Characters.

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