Michael Rosenthal

Full Name

Michael Rosenthal


Late 30's to early 40's




Rebecca Rosenthal (Wife, deceased)

Zach Meyer (Son)

Significant Others

Peter Meyer (Adoptive father of Zach, close friend)

Jennifer Meyer (Adoptive mother of Zach, close friend)

Date of Death


Michael Rosenthal is an unseen character in Cherry Hill, he is the biological father of Zach Meyer, who died in a car crash alongside his wife , Rebecca, in 1991. Before dying, the Rosenthal's told their Social Worker, they'd like their friends Jennifer and Peter Meyer to take the child as their own, it seems the Meyers obliged to this and fooled the whole of Cherry Hill into thinking that Zach was their son, the confession that he was adopted came in the episode The Truth about Lying.