Meyer's Bridal Boutique is a business in Cherry Hill. It's located in the Plaza, near the Town Hall and Desari's. Jennifer Meyer was the original owner, running the business as a ship for Bridal gowns, attempting to get her daughter, Lauren, to take an interest, during which she succeeded to sell many a dress until departing to ignite her modelling career. In the second season, Nikki Carrigan helped Jennifer out of a struggling economy by suggesting the business expand into a hair salon and beautician's - Jennifer accepted. With Harry assisting with the extension, Nikki became co-owner of the store, although often ran into disputes with loyal seimstress and long-term employee, Belinda, who felt pushed aside. In the show's fourth season, Rosa Cortez, the surrogate mother to Harry and Nikki's planned child, had a stint as a stylist, although it lead to Belinda's temporary departure and an argument with Nikki for her crass customer service skill, upon which she was promptly fired.