Matthew King

Full Name

Matthew Ralph King






Monica King (Mother)

Jeremy King (Father)

Miranda King (Half Sister)

Naomi Jones (Half Sister)

Ryan Merrill (Half-Brother)

Significant Others

Dylan Meyer (Former Playmate)

First Appearance

Here Comes the Rain Again

Last Appearance



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Matthew Ralph King is a character in Cherry Hill. He is the son of Monica and Jeremy King, concieved when the two began dating in Season One and was born in the finale of Season Two, Here Comes the Rain Again. He is also the half brother of Miranda King, Naomi Jones and Ryan Merrill. As of the fourth season, he was played by Tyree Brown.

Season OneEdit

During the first season, Monica dates Jeremy in secret, behind the back of their daughters Naomi and Miranda. Shortly after, Monica came clean to Naomi after discovering she was pregnant, forcing Jeremy and herself to tell Miranda, who was taken back by it all. Jeremy decided that with a child on it's way, he'd unite the families and propose to Monica, something she gladly accepted.

Season TwoEdit

After an eventful ceremony, Jeremy and Monica drove off to go on honeymoon, however it appeared that they would have to take a rain-check as Monica's waters broke, the drama causing a premature birth. Monica was later seen giving birth to a boy, naming him Matthew, choosing Ralph as a middle name in homage to the Private Investigator who was gunned down under her employment.

Season FourEdit

Matthew plays a much larger role in the show following the six year time jump, during which Matthew is introduced to his half-brother Ryan, after he shows up looking for Jeremy. It appears the troubles back home have influenced Matthew as he begins bullying Dylan Meyer, despite it appearing that the two were previously playmates, the rivalry sets mothers - Monica and D.J. - at loggerheads with one another.