Kev Lawson

Full Name

Kevin Lawson




Student at an Opposing school to Cherry Hill High



Significant Others

Anthony Harper (Injures him during a match, due to Zach Meyer's actions.)

First Appearance


Last Appearance




Kevin 'Big Kev' Lawson, played by Sean Flynn, is a minor character seen in Season One  of Cherry Hhill, in the episode Touchdown. He is on the opposing football team of the Cherry Hill squad, consisting of Anthony Harper and and Zach Meyer amongst amongstothers, he is reknown for his skill and power tackling, making him one of the best around and deemed a threat by the others. Coach, Peter Meyer, encourages his team to do their best as by beating Lawson, they may gain a reputation of being one of few teams to do so. Peter also tells rivals Zach and Anthony to stop squabbling with eachother over Zach's relationship with Anthony's sister, Dana, and focus their negative energy on beating down Lawson.

On the pitch, Zach is running with the ball when Anthony demands it be thrown to him as he can supposedly take Lawson's strength, Zach ignores this and the two exchange words during the game. Wanting to get back at his rival Zach calculates the exact moment of Lawson's tackle, so that he can throw the ball to an unsuspecting Anthony and therefore injur him. This makes up from the little snippets seen in Claire Meyer's  dream sequence, once this is executed Anthony is rushed to hospital and told he is paralyzed, leaving Zach with a grin on his face. Kev was not seen or mentioned after this, though it is presumed his actions may have too got him into trouble.