Jeremy King
Portrayed by: Ron Livingston and James Lafferty (Younger)

Full Name

Jeremy King




Waiter (1987-?)

Manager (???)


Miranda King (Daughter)

Monica King (Wife)

Ryan Merrill (Son)

Naomi Jones (Step Daughter)

Matthew King (Son)

Significant Others

Elena Santos (Ex-Wife)

Vivienne Merrill (Fling)

Francisco Santos (Former Brother-in-Law, Deceased)

Alejandro Santos (Former Father-in-Law, Deceased)

Marie Santos (Former Mother-in-Law, Deceased)

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Last Appearance



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Jeremy King , played by Ron Livingston, is the father of Miranda King. Jeremy split up with his ex-wife under unknown circumstances, however it landed him to become a stressed-out, paranoid single father. Jeremy was the last person to see his daughter and Greg after their terrible accident, and was there for his daughter 100% although she treated him with disdain and anger. Jeremy kept his cool by talking to Monica Jones. The two eventually developed a more intimate relationship, leading to Monica's unplanned pregnancy. Jeremy was against telling his daughter about the pregnancy, fearing of her reaction. Monica piped up about it against Jeremy's wishes, saying that she would eventually find out anyway. Miranda did not give Jeremy and Monica scolding, but instead congratulated them on their baby. Later Jeremy proposes to Monica to which she agrees, however it is unknown whether Jeremy's former wife is dead as he previously told Miranda.

Six Months Later... , we see Jeremy and Monica are practically living together as they head off for a baby scan, they are worried for Miranda following the evnts of the past few months, however she tells them not to bother. Whilst in bed, Jeremy runs through baby names with Monica who is enthused until he mentions 'Ty', se halts and says it sounds too similiar to another name, when he asks what it's all about, she changes the topic. It is confirmed the two are going to have a son together.


- James Lafferty was casted as the part of Jeremy in the years of 1987-1994.

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