Jennifer Meyer
Played By Brenda Strong

Full Name

Jennifer Meyer




Owner of Meyer's Bridal Boutique


Peter Meyer (Ex Husband)

Lauren Meyer (Daughter)

John Meyer (Son)

Claire Meyer (Daughter)

Zach Meyer (Adoptive Son, Deceased)

D.J. Meyer (Daughter-in-Law)

Dylan Meyer (Grandson)

Simone Meyer (Granddaughter)

Catherin Christensen (mother; deceased)

Antonio Christensen (father; deceased)

Linda Wallace (sister)

Johnny Christensen (brother)

Kevin Christensen (brother)

Ted Wallace (Brother-In-Law)

Cody Wallace (Nephew)

Shelby Wallace (Niece)

Significant Others


First Appearance


Last Appearance



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Jennifer Meyer (née Christensen) is the ex-wife of Peter, mother of Lauren, Claire, and John Meyer and the adoptive mother of the late Zach. Jennifer is also the owner of her own shop, Meyer's Bridal Boutique.

Jennifer is the surprising source of information for Claire when she demands information about her mysterious and extremely vivid dreams that predict events of the future, including Anthony Harper's paralysis and the crash of Flight 316.

Jennifer reveals that Claire inherited these dreams from her. Jennifer claims she used to have these dreams, but they have subsided. She was also involved in the investigation into her son Zach, who was accused of harassmet of his adoptive sister Lauren and the kidnapping of her other daughter, Claire. Jennifer, reveals a dark secret in Jigsaw, that threatens the family by revealing that Zach was in fact adopted. Through hiring legal protection for Zach, she also reveals the family are vastly losing money due to economy.

Six months after the events of the season 1 finale, Jennifer tries to calm her husband down, who keeps blaming himself over Zach's death. Nikki Carrigan is hired at Jennifer's store and offers to use her money to remodel and add on a hair salon to the store. Jennifer cannot get in contact with her husband after he ran out the previous night, and gets worried about him.

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