Harvey Desari
Played by Jan Uddin

Full Name

Harvey Desari




Personal Trainer


Ash Desari (Father)

Pushpa Desari (Mother)

Leila Desari (Sister)

Isra Lasharie (Aunt)

Rohan Lasharie (Half Brother)

Significant Others

Claire Meyer (Girlfriend)

First Appearance

All's Fair in Love and War

Last Appearance




Harvey Desari is the oldest child of Pushpa and Ash Desari and the older brother of Leila. Harvey is a sporting fanatic, hoping to pursue his dreams of becoming a personal trainer, it seems he has made his parents very proud through this. He is respectful of his parents and his religion. He is played by Jan Uddin.

History Edit

Season Two

Harvey is first seen helping his father with the luggage when they move to Cherry Hill in All's Fair in Love and War. Harvey's name is muttered in Claire's sleep, as noted by her brother John Meyer. Claire's friend Miranda King theorizes that Claire mixed together both of her powers in order to see the future and learn Harvey's name. Claire later meets Harvey after agreeing with Miranda to finally leave the house.