Series Name
Season 3, Episode 3
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Cold Wars

Good Twin


Michael Angarano as John Meyer

Emily Browning as Miranda King

Charlie Carver as Nicholas Elyis

Max Carver as Austin Elyis

Dana Davis as Naomi Jones

Tiffany Evans as D.J. Keegan

Maggie Grace as Lauren Meyer

Penny Johnson Jerald as Eve Warner

Erik King as Tyrell Warner

Ron Livingston as Jeremy King

Mia Maestro as Elena Santos

Mackenzie Mauzy as Dana Harper

Leven Rambin as Claire Meyer

Cameron Richardson as Summer Reid

Jeremy Sumpter as Anthony Harper

Aisha Tyler as Monica King

Emily VanCamp as Nikki Carrigan

Guest Starring

Shohreh Aghdashloo as Pushpa Desari

Sasha Behar as Isra Lasharie

M.C. Gainey as Clay Reno

Irrfan Khan as Ash Desari

Hansika Motwani as Leila Desari

Leonard Roberts as Sam Meeks

Zuleikha Robinson as Detective Kendall Banks

Jan Uddin as Harvey Desari


Faune A. Chambers as News Reporter

Nicole Sullivan as Melanie Briscoe

Good Twin is the third episode of the third season of Cherry Hill. Nicholas is forced to weigh his option after a guilt ridden Austin turns himself into the police as the sole perpretrator of Lydia Harper's death. Meanwhile, the residents react to the news of another death in Cherry Hill as things start to seem more suspicious. After seeing through her lies, Lauren decides to take action against Summer, causing the two to clash once more. The Desari family's past catches up with them and they are forced to realise there is no more running. While, Naomi and Tyrell decide to put things on hold to pay attention to their other families, Miranda decides to follow advice and check herself in to see Eve. Also, Claire uses her powers again to try and find a way to repair the Miranda and Dana's friendship.   Read the episode here!

Trivia Edit

  • The episode acts as a partner to Bad Twin. In both cases Nicholas is forced to take responsibility for right or for wrong. In Bad Twin, Nicholas takes matter into his own hands as he kills his father with an overdose to stop his abusive behaviour, in particular towards Austin. In Good Twin, Nicholas is forced to take resposibility again by stepping forward to the police about the hit-and-run incident before Austin was wrongly jailed.

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