Geoff Carter

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Geoff Carter







Geoff Carter was an unseen character in Cherry Hill. He is first mentioned in the Pilot epsiode of Season One, when Lauren Meyer feels she is being watched from his house next door, when she had approached her mother about it, she asked for reassurance that Carter was dead, her mother scorned her for saying that as he had not died. Instead, he had been moved to a residential care home two years ago in 2006- following a trip down the stairs which meant he couldn't deal with taking care of the house- however he dreams he'll be able to get better and return to his house and redecorate. Jennifer explained that Mr. Carter kept himself to himself, with no one talking to him very much, instead exchanging smiles in the yard.

Jennifer later asks why Lauren is mentioning him as she hadn't cared before, it turns out Lauren would often throw litter over the old mans fence. In Regrets and What the Neighbors Say, Lauren sneaks into the Carter household to find its been cleared out, she makes her way to the room from which her stalker had been watching her from, to find nothing. However as she is about to leave binoculars fall from the curtain rail, confirming her worst fears.

It was mentioned in Freefall, that his house had been sold, it is unknown why he did this or if he is still alive. His house was sold to Nikki Carrigan and Harry Gerard. It was later mentioned that he died in his nursing home.