Eve Warner
Played by Penny Johnson Jerald

Full Name

Eve Warner






Tyrell Warner (Former Patient and Husband, Deceased)

Naomi Jones (Step Daughter)

Yolanda Warner (Mother-in-Law)

Significant Others

Fernando Montgomery (Patient)

Monica King (Enemy)

First Appearance

Sins of Our Fathers

Last Appearance



S3 * S4

Eve Warner (néé Ullman) is a character feautred in drama, Cherry Hill. Eve is the widow of Tyrell, the father of Naomi Jones. Naomi hasn't known her father since she was young and Eve's appearance shocks everyone, especially Tyrell's ex wife, Monica King. When it is revealed that Tyrell is the mysterious Hill Killer and Eve was involved in covering up the murders, Eve was shot by Tyrell and nearly killed. The King's decided not to reveal Eve's involvement in the murder spree as a favor to her. Eve returned to the street six years following this, bringing along a new patient - but a familiar face to the residents of the town - Fernando Montgomery. She is played by Penny Johnson Jerald.

History Edit


Whilst Tyrell has been mentioned numerous time in Cherry Hill, Eve is a total stranger to everyone else. It is uncertain if she knows of Naomi, however she will move to Cherry Hill after Tyrell and Naomi get back into contact following the help of her mother-in-law, Yolanda. They previously lived in Santa Rosa, California together, with Eve being a respected psychiatrist.

Season 3Edit

Upon her arrival to Cherry Hill with her husband Tyrell, Eve was very skeptical of Monica's acceptance of her and Tyrell's relationship. They were greeted at the airport by Tyrell's daughter Naomi Jones. Despite her concerns, Tyrell and Eve had dinner at the King's home to welcome them to the neighborhood because of Naomi's plaeding. The dinner turned feisty when Eve and Monica started arguing back and forth. Eve demanded that her and Tyrell leave. At their hotel room, Eve demands that they return to Santa Rosa. Tyrell insists not to, saying that Naomi needs him there. He says that he bought them a house and Eve a psychiatric firm in the plaza. Eve finally decides to stay and the two kiss and embrace. (Sins of Our Fathers) Eve attended a psychiatric meeting with her first patient, John Meyer, who she has diagnosed with depression. John says that the nervousness around crowds has gone away, but the thoughts of suicide still linger in his head. Eve gets him a perscription of pills and John leaves to go home and take the pills. Eve arrives home to find Tyrell and Naomi eating dinner together and totally ingoring her, much to her annoyance. (Cold Wars) Eve arrives home from her work early and Tyrell reacts with surprise. She takes this offensively, saying he probably wishes she gets home late so he can spend more time with his daughter and less with her. Tyrell has no time to defend himself because she storms upstairs. The next day, Miranda King enters her psychiatric firm and Eve gives her a tender smile. (Good Twin)

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