Elena Santos
Played by Mia Maestro and Alexa Vega (Younger)

Full Name

Elena Santos




Journalist and News Anchor


Miranda King (Daughter)

Marie Santos (Mother)

Alejandro Santos (Father)

Francisco Santos (Brother)

Significant Others

Jeremy King (Ex Husband)

Paul Rosen (Lover)

First Appearance

Six Months Later...

Last Appearance

When the World Comes Crashing Down, Part 2

Remembrance Day (Flashback)


S2 * S3 * S4

Elena Santos (Prev. King), is a played by Mia Maestro in Cherry Hill. She is a journalist that is first seen in Season Two. After showing an interest in Miranda, it is shortly discovered that she is her mother that the other residents believed to be dead.

Elena is first seen in Six Months Later... , having moved nearby the Erie Lake. Elena is heard on the phone trying to be tempted back to New York, from which its assumed where she had moved from, Elena explains she likes the quiet neighborhood, though she sems to have alterior motives. Monica spots her on the television as a news anchor, everyone else seems unaware, in the street Elena drops her purse and a post-it note falls out, revealing details of Miranda King.

Reception Edit

Elena has been an overall well-received character in both reviews and awards.  She was nominated for a Rightees! Award for the 2009 Edition of the show in the Best Supporting Female Character category.

Trivia Edit

  • Elena was the fifth main character to die.
  • Alexa Vega was casted as younger Elena Santos during the years of 1987-1994.

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