Cherry Hill High School (CHHS) is the local high school of Cherry Hill. It is located somewhere near the town area. It is infrequently featured in the show, with most of its appearances in the first season.   In its tenure it has educated twenty two students that have featured within the school on-screen.

Featured Staff included:

  • Peter Meyer - Football  and Baseball Coach, also coached outside the school. His position is unknown with the school, following his depature between the second and third season
  • Rob Knight - Physcial Education Teacher, also acts as understudy and assistant to Peter. Possibly taken over as coach, following Peter's departure.
  • English Teacher - Taught  English to Claire and Fernando, the class where they first met.
  • Teacher - Taught John and was unimpressed with his behaviour, later sent a letter to Jennifer about it. Last seen throwing the twins and Nigel out fo the Homecoming Dance after their fight.
  • Cheerleading Coach - Temporarily suspended former head Cheerleader, Dana, from practice following a fight with her successor, Nazarine Darcie.
  • Naomi Jones - NQT (Newly Qualified Teacher) at the school, former student.
  • Anthony Harper - Part-time Physical Education Teacher, former student.

Notable students have included: