Cherry Hill
Celebratory Poster featuring Main Cast from Season 1 through 4.

Number of Seasons

4 (and Spin-Off Season)




Michael Angarano as John Meyer

Emily Browning as Miranda King

Richard Burgi as Harry Gerard

Charlie Carver as Nicholas Elyis

Max Carver as Austin Elyis

Gaius Charles as Fernando Montgomery

Dana Davis as Naomi Jones

Ryan Donowho as Zach Meyer

Tiffany Evans and Lauren London as D.J. Meyer

Maggie Grace as Lauren Meyer

Penny Johnson Jerald as Eve Warner

Erik King as Tyrell Warner

Matt Lanter as Ryan Merrill

Ron Livingston as Jeremy King

Mia Maestro as Elena Santos

Mackenzie Mauzy as Dana De Souza

John C. McGinley as Peter Meyer

Gabe Nevins as Sid Rosen

Catherine O'Hara as Lydia Harper

Leven Rambin as Claire Meyer

Cameron Richardson as Summer Reid

Brenda Strong as Jennifer Meyer

Jeremy Sumpter as Anthony Harper

Aisha Tyler as Monica King

Emily VanCamp as Nikki Carrigan


Season 1


The Kindness of Strangers

Regrets and What the Neighbors Say

Bad Twin


What the Snow Will Bring



The Truth about Lying



Season 2

Six Months Later...

Fly Away


All's Fair in Love and War


Angels & Monsters


Jump, Push, Fall

The Art of Deception, Part 1

The Art of Deception, Part 2

Something Wicked this Way Comes

The Point of No Return

Here Comes the Rain Again

Season 3

Sins of Our Fathers

Cold Wars

Good Twin


If Only

A Hot Summer's Day

Where in the World is Mrs. Gerard?


Some Mad Hope


The Way Things Were


Family Portrait

Welcome to Fool's Paradise

Fallen Angel

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

Season 4

Since You've Been Gone

Fame...And What It'll Cost You

The Other King


Something Supernatural


Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Tell Me It Isn't True

When the World Comes Crashing Down, Part 1

When the World Comes Crashing Down, Part 2

Remembrance Day

A Walk in the Dark

Brand New Day

Rocky Road

Wounds That Time Can't Heal


Mad World

Season 5


Cherry Hill, is the American television drama written a created by Johno in 2008. Forum member, TAFKA, was later added to the team as Co-Producer of the show and thus far both have contributed towards three seasons of the drama, fellow writer. Blake, known for comedy drama Chance Baxter Saved The World was also invited to write an episode in the third season, which he will be writing the entirety of.   Jacko, known for fellow neighborhood drama Golden Beach, asked to be involved in the writing of a different episode in the third season and his offer was accepted. The drama series walked away with three Rightees Awards in December 2009, including Oustanding Series.

Cherry Hill is a fictional town in between the Ohio and Michigan border. The town has a church, a town hall, resteraunts and shops, a high school, park and playing field as well as its own local news station, M.O. 13 News. Whilst it initially seemed to be focused around Miranda King, it soon became clear the drama was much more diverse, mixing elements of supernatural in with the everyday stresses and strains of a surburban neighborhood. A second season was completed in 2009, with a third that run up to December 2009, a fourth season is expected to take place soon after. In the early years the show focused around the King, Jones, Meyer and Harper families- Since then the King and Jones family have merged into one household. The Elyis family ran as a secondary family, alongside the Desari family who joined in the second season, until the majority of the family departed following Seasons Three and Four. Producers have stated that the fifth season will see the introduction of a brand new family that will join the main cast.   The show has had twenty five main cast characts in its four season run.

The first three seasons of the show focus on the town in the years running from 2008-2009. The fourth season onwards takes place, six years into the future in the years 2015 onwards. To celebrate its upcoming 50th episode, producers created a spin-off, entitled Cherry Hill: Generation Me which saw four fresh faces embrace the neighborhood, however as they enter, danger follows. The spin-off ran coherently with the shows fourth season.

Awards & AccomplishmentsEdit

The Rightees Awards

The end of 2009, saw the Rightee Awards take place, honoring the best of the best at the R.U.N. The awards saw Cherry Hill walk out with three of the awards they were shortlisted for....

Oustanding Banner | Losty | Nominated

Oustanding Ensemble Cast | Cherry Hill | Won

Best Actor | John Meyer (Michael Angarano) | Nominated

Best Actress | Claire Meyer (Leven Rambin) | Nominated

Best Actress | Miranda King (Emily Browning) | Nominated

Best Supporting Actress | Monica King (Aisha Tyler) | Won

Best Supporting Actress | Elena Santos (Mia Maestro) | Nominated

Best Episode from a Series | Here Comes the Rain Again | Nominated

Best Episode from a Series | Bad Twin | Nominated

Best Episode from a Series | Invasion | Nominated

Best Standalone Episode | Jigsaw | Nominated

Oustanding Series | Cherry Hill | Won

Robots Choice Awards

Special guest writer, Blake, who is known at R.U.N for his reviews, held the Robots Choice Awards, in which his favourite scripts would win an emblem. There were no categories or nominates, taking a different format to the Rightee's as part of a chart.

Bad Twin | Won (9)

Here Comes the Rain Again | Won (4)

Fallen Angel | Won (1)

Main Cast TenureEdit