Bobbi Cunning
Played by Lyndsy Fonseca

Full Name

Roberta Cunning




Student, temporarily at Cherry Hill High School


Lorelai Cunning

Unnamed Father

Etta Elyis (Aunt)

Joseph Elyis (Uncle, Deceased)

Nicholas Elyis (Cousin)

Austin Elyis (Cousin)

Significant Others

Brandy Halliburton (Rival)

D.J. Keegan (Rival)

First Appearance

Fly Away

Last Appearance

Jump, Push, Fall



Roberta Cunning also known as Bobbi, played by Lyndsy Fonseca, is the rowdy cousin on Nicholas and Austin Elyis, as well as the neice of Etta Elyis. Bobbi arrives to Cherry Hill in Fly Away, visiting her Aunt Etta and cousins Nicholas and Austin. Bobbi seems to have inherited her aunt's prickly demeanor, as shown when Nicholas and Austin take her to the park and she has a run in with D.J Keegan and Brandy Halliburton. After much persuasion, Bobbi tried to make an effort with the girls by donating a beer keg to the twins' party in Invasion, however th party was crashed by Nigel and his gang members who were seeking revenge on the twins after finding out that their mother had been supplying him salt in the form of drugs. Bobbi had previously flirted with Nigel and soon fell for Will Beckett, who had just been thrown in hot water for beating his ex, D.J. Will, not wanting to face the wrath of his actions whisked a daring Bobbi away to L.A. for a 'romantic break'. Whilst there, the two took part in rock climbing, where WIll thanked Bobbi for changing him for the better, Bobbi seemed suprisingly smitten until Will's rope broke and he fell to an almost certain death. Bobbi then found the body as Will laid shaking violently, still alive. It seemed as if Bobbi was about to assist her new lover when she phoned her mother, lying to her that she was still in Cherry Hill and that she'd be home shortly, fleeing the scene and leaving Will for dead.