Bella Mendez

Full Name

Isabella Mendez




Student at Cherry Hill High School



Significant Others

John Meyer (Ex)

D.J. Keegan (Best Friend)

Anthony Harper (Crush)

First Appearance

Bad Twin

Last Appearance

Here Comes the Rain Again


S1 * S2

Isabella Mendez, also known simply as Bella-played by Victoria Justice- was the teenage love interest for John Meyer, first seen in the episode Bad Twin. Initially she seems to be his dream girl, however this soon changes and John begins to develop feelings for her best friend D.J. Keegan, which eventually leads to a kiss.

Though uncredited, Bella first appears in Bad Twin, during the fight between Austin and Nicholas Elyis, she quickly moves out the way with D.J. to avoid being caught in the crossfire. Shen then appears in Touchdown where Austin and John are caught by herself and D.J. making an excuse to Peter Meyer, so that they wouldn't have to attend the football game that was taking place that night. Though surprised, the girls happily accept this invitation and meet the boys in the park at 5pm. Both Nicholas and Austin tell John that he should try and woo Bella to improve his confidence and realise his potential, the date goes well until Nicholas interrupts it and the girls leave the warring twins to discuss their issues. During the date, Bella also reveals she has a crush on Anthony Harper, deeming him as 'God sent'. John seems a bit annoyed by this comment. She later agrees to be John's date to the upcoming dance.

In The Truth about Lying, Bella, oblivious to John and D.J's kiss is sent away so the two can have a private chat. Bella does not know, during this time John and D.J. have agreeed to stay away from eachother for her sake. Guilty, John dumps Bella in Freefall on bad times after commenting she is too high maintenence. Six Months Later... , we see the two are still on bad terms.

She mentioned the possibility of moving in Here Comes the Rain Again, due to her fathers business, meaning she was desperate to make amends with D.J. In the season three premiere, D.J. mentions that Bella has now left Cherry Hill.

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