Belinda Mullins
Played By April Parker-Jones

Full Name

Belinda Mullins




Siemstress at Meyer's Bridal Boutique



Significant Others

Jennifer Meyer (Employer)

First Appearance

Regrets and What the Neighbors Say

Last Appearance



S1 * S2

Belinda Mullins, is a reccurring character in Cherry Hill. Belinda is the friend of Jennifer Meyer, for whom she works for in her Bridal Boutique. Appearing in small doses initially, the character's popularity has caused her to play a minor role in storylines. Belinda is often seen or heard moaning about others laziness when it comes to the job, she's a perfections and somewhat of a workaholic, she's a proud professional. Not much is known about her and most of her information is given via other characters than herself when on-screen. She was played by April Parker-Jones.


Season OneEdit

Belinda first seen in Regrets and What the Neighbors Say in which she is interrupted by Lauren Meyer , who was promised a job by her mother, it is believed from a previous conversation between Jennifer and Lauren that Belinda would be unhappy about her daughter coming to work with her, which turned out to be true. Rivalry between the two is further hinted at when Belinda is heard on the phone to Jennifer complaining that Lauren hadn't turned up for work, instead using her time to meet model agent, Dan SIlver. She is last seen in Taken joining the search party for Claire Meyer.

Season TwoEdit

At the start of the Season, the slowing economy has meant that the business isn't doing so well, causing Jennifer to consider expanding the business, during which Nikki Carrigan, promises she can add new life to the shop by turning it into a fully operating salon and beauticians. Belinda is present for the interview and immediately takes a disliking to Nikki, repeatedly arguing with her decisions, at the end of the Season, it is revealed the Belinda lives across from Tyler Rhodes and has a boyfriend in the army, which she uses as a way of turning down Mike Raven's advances.

Season ThreeEdit

A conversation between Lauren and Nikki notes that Belinda is sent home from work after calling off her wedding and egagement to her boyfriend, who she had planned to marry for a good number of years, it is said that she made the decision after discovering he was cheating on her with a nurse. She is also seen in St. Peter's Church, indicating that she is somewhat religious.

Season FourEdit

Belinda quits her job, deciding enough is enough following Rosa Cortez behaviour towards her after Rosa attempts to repay Nikki's kindness by making herself a hairdresser! Jennifer later tells Nikki that she had to beg Belinda back to work.