Ash Desari
Played by Irrfan Khan

Full Name

Ashwani Desari






Pushpa Desari (Wife)

Harvey Desari (Son)

Leila Desari (Daughter)

Rohan Lasharie (Son)

Significant Others

Isra Lasharie (Former Lover and Sister-in-Law)

First Appearance

All's Fair in Love and War

Last Appearance

A Walk in the Dark


S2 * S3 * S4

Ashwani Desari also known as Ash, is the head of the Desari family, although is often controlled by his formidble wife, Pushpa, with whom he has two children - Leila and Harvey. Ash is a family man at heart as well as the proud owner of a restaurant. As well as Leila and Harvey, it was revealed Ash had fathered a third child, Rohan, with Pushpa's own sister during an affair that occurred back in Washington. This error has often seen him become more submissive to hise wife, who won't let the matter go.

History Edit

Season Two

The Desari family moves in during All's Fair in Love and War. Ash is seen as relaxed and easy going as he talks with Lydia Harper upon their arrival, he reveals to her that he hopes to buy a cafe in the plaza, however the conversation is broken off by Pushpa, who appears jealous of the pairing. He is also seen asking neighbor, Harry Gerard, to have a word with Lydia following her drunken collapse on their yard, fearing he would be unable to give advice, due to his religious beliefs concerning the consumption of alcohol.