Anthony Harper
Portrayed by: Jeremy Sumpter

Full Name

Anthony Harper



Centric Episodes


Welcome to Fool's Paradise


Brian Harper (Father, Deceased)

Lydia Harper (mother, Deceased)

Dana Harper (sister)

Lorraine (Aunt)

Significant Others

Miranda King (Ex)

Sylvie Fournier (Former Love Interest)

Zach Meyer (rival)

First Appearance



S1 * S2

Anthony Harper is the older brother of Dana Harper and the rowdy football player, first shown to be similar to the typical stereotype of the jock. He has a rival in Zach Meyer, and when Zach begins dating his sister, things get even more tense between the two. Anthony approaches Miranda King and tries to get her to date him, which ticks her off because the recent death of her boyfriend, Greg. Anthony's plan to get Zach hurt during a football game goes terribly wrong and Anthony is tackled and paralyzed from the waist down. Anthony begins to repent for his wrongdoings and tries to be nicer to people, including Zach and his relationship with Miranda starts to grow.

Six Months Later... , we see Anthony's relationship with Miranda has evolved as they kiss when she visits him, they talk about Dana who Anthony seems distraught about, explaining 'she's gone', however we find out Dana is in a coma. We also see Anthony is recovering from him paralysis and is slowly starting to walk again, with this in mind Miranda tries to persuade him to start college, Anthony however says he cannot afford it, when Miranda suggests asking his mother , he says she's too wrapped up with Dana. Unaware Lydia is slowly turning to alcoholism.

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