Angela Chang
Played by Wendy Kweh

Full Name

Angela Chang




The Meyer Family's Lawyer



Significant Others

Zach Meyer (Represented him during the harassment case)

First Appearance

The Truth about Lying



Angela Chang , played by Wendy Kweh, is a character that featured in Season One of Cherry Hill in the episode The Truth about Lying. She is the lawyer of Zach Meyer, hired to represent him by Jennifer and Peter Meyer , when Zach was accused of harassing and attempting to attack his sister Lauren. She is blunt and somewhat emotionally cold as she needs to be to win her clients case.

She is present whilst Zach is being interviewed by Officer Kendall, Kendall tries too imply thay Zach was behind the abduction of his other sister Claire, when Angela jumped to his defense. For the remainder of the interview, Zach started not to comment on any questions, which left Kendall and Chang in verbal warfare. Kendall left the room and Angela asked Zach if there was anything that he needed to tell her. Later on, Lauren is called to be interviewed and Kendall informs them that she may need a lawyer, Jennifer and Peter explain they already have one in Angela, when Kendall remarks that they cannot have a lawyer that's both a prosecutor and defense, leaving them to question who they should be supporting more. When Angela returns from a coffee break, it is declared by Jennifer and Peter to Kendall and Parker, that Zach was adopted, leaving Chang furious that her client hadn't told her sooner.